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Empowering Community Through Education

The Social Issue

We are focused on the low accessibility for high-quality basic education for girls from lower income families and marginal members of the society.

The Social Mission

We aim to provide high quality education for girls aged 7-17 years old in Malaysia who are coming from marginal communities surrounding our school in Kuala Lumpur.


As an all-girls school, we not only work to provide low-cost world-class level education to primary school-aged children, but at the same time, we work to eliminate gender disparities in Malaysia through our all-girls school learning environment. All-girls schools are scientifically proven to provide better education, academic achievement, exposures and confidence levels to their students.

The Social Impact

We can already see exceptional improvements in the basic 3R’s – reading, writing & arithmetic – of our sponsored students. These sponsored students are from B40 families; single-mother children and urban poor parents.

Furthermore, for students who have mastered their basic 3Rs, they develop their confidence, speaking skills and soft skills as evidenced by their parents’ observation on their children through the many learning activities at KLC.

The Social Model

As a social enterprise, we channel 51% of our profits back into sponsoring young girls from asnaf and marginal communities.

How We Make A Difference

The sponsored girls in our school get to experience small class sizes where they can get attention and care from their teachers to flourish and build their confidence.

The school also focuses on hands on learning and 21st century learning skills which includes entrepreneurship, creativity, thinking skills, computer and coding skills, apart from the normal subjects they learn in school.

The girls are also exposed to outdoor learning through monthly trips and yearly interdisciplinary projects to further develop their thinking and exposure, something they may not get from other schools. They are also taught responsibility and hardwork through the skill-based learning and chores each student has to complete in school like the Japanese school students.

Nuha joined KLC after her mother expressed her waning interest in learning and below par academic performance in her previous school. Within a few weeks of joining the school, our teachers’ gentle and encouraging approach to teaching helped her to open-up and develop her own confidence to improve markedly in her interpersonal skills for both the core subjects like Mathematics, English, Science and Malay Language.

She has also doing well in the extra-curriculum activities like Speaker’s Hour, Entrepreneurship and Journal Writing.

Adnin was 8 years old when she joined us in 2020. She was a bright and chirpy girl but was not yet able to read in both Malay and English. However, after small class reading coaching sessions and the activity-based learning in school, she can now read independantly and is writing her own creative sentences at school.

From the positive learning environment at KLC, Adnin has also shown an improved and wonderful attitude towards learning.

Our hope for the sponsored students is that they continue to progress even little by little to brighten their life in Khadijah Learning Centre and also in the real world. We wish to give them the right opportunity to support their drive in learning for as long as they are capable of doing so.

The past year have been very difficult for our family, KLC helped a lot in stabilising and supporting my girls in every area, emotional and intellectual. I am forever grateful that we found KLC and appreciate everything that the teams have done.

- KLC Sponsored Parent

How to support our cause:

As a community school that is just setting up, we welcome your support to reach out to more girls and mothers!

Building Confident & Knowledgeable Young Girls

Since 2019, we have supported students from asnaf families. Among these students is one girl whose father was going through health challenges. At her old school she was bullied and taunted by the other students due to her quiet nature.

Because of this she became a reserved child at school and at home. Things improved tremendously when she was given a chance to join KLC. Through the small classes, activity-based setting, friendly classmates and kind and loving teachers, she slowly blossomed and came out of her shell.

Now she regularly volunteers, speaks up in class and shows tremendous behavioral improvements at home. She dreams of being an engineer and an entrepreneur when she grows up. A dream that you can help her achieve by supporting her education.

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