Why Khadijah Learning Centre?

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An all-girls learning centre focused on building future generation of Islamic, value based, confident, knowledgeable women. Using the local Malaysian syllabus, but built on the examples from Finnish, Japanese and developed worlds educational approach.

Activity based, Fun, Engaging, Hands-on Learning

Focused on teaching community responsibility and wholesome world citizens through regular engagement with community work.


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To become the leading and pioneer in the education field for developing strong women leaders in South East Asia


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Educating Girls

We are a social enterprise focused in the education field for educating girls aged 7-18 years old led and founded by mothers and women.


Strengthen Women

We are an educational institution to strengthen women including mothers and daughters through various programs.


Grow With The Time

We focus on research and improvement to grow, innovate and advance with the times. 


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Empowering Community Through Education

The Social Issue

We are focused on the lack of or limited high-quality basic education available and its accessibility for lower-income families and marginal members of the society. 

The Social Mission

We aim to provide high-quality education for children aged 7 to 12 years old in Malaysia who are coming from marginal communities surrounding our school in Kuala Lumpur.

As an all-girls school, we not only work to provide low-cost world-class level education to primary school-aged children, but at the same time, we work to eliminate gender disparities in Malaysia through our all-girls school learning environment. All-girls schools are scientifically proven to provide better education, academic achievement, exposures and confidence levels to their students.

The Social Impact

We can already see exceptional improvements in the basic 3R’s – reading, writing & arithmetic – of our sponsored students. These sponsored students are from B40 families; single-mother children and urban poor parents. 

Furthermore, for students who have mastered their basic 3Rs, we develop their confidence, speaking skills and soft skills as evidenced by their parents’ observation on the children.

Nuha joined KLC after her mother expressed her waning interest in learning and below par academic performance in her previous school. Within a few weeks upon joining KLC, we could see her open up and developed some interpersonal skills for both curriculum and extra-curriculum.

She has shown willingness to learn the core subjects and is doing very well with her hands on lessons. Although she still finds it difficult to voice out, but she has been more and more actively involved in class.

Adnin was not able to read when she joined us early this year. However, as she adapts and progress, she has improved tremendously in her Malay and English reading and has shown wonderful attitude towards learning.

Adnin is also very hardworking in completing her school work and eager to learn during classes. She is one of the first few who would voluntarily help when the teachers ask from all the students. She will definitely grow into a fine girl for possessing the right behaviour and attitude.

Our hope for the sponsored students is that they continue to progress even little by little to brighten their life in Khadijah Learning Centre and also in the real world. We wish to give them the right opportunity to support their drive in learning for as long as they are capable of doing so.

The past year have been very difficult for our family, KLC helped a lot in stabilising and supporting my girls in every area, emotional and intellectual. I am forever grateful that we found KLC and appreciate everything that the teams have done.

- KLC Parent


Do the girls like coming to school?​

KLC’s started in January 2018 as a big dream for the school, for the children, for the girls, who would on day become women so that one day, this special educational process that we built for them would prove to make them strong and mighty women who would be change-makers wherever they are. Let’s see what they have to say about their school.

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