Strong Leaders

One Child At A Time

Equip your children with the
best of both worlds

Confidence, critical thinking, communication, and 21st Century preparedness

Science - Tech - Religion - Engineering - Arts - Math (STREAM) hands on project based learning

Core curriculum with project based, skills and outdoor learning

Built on Quran, Sunnah, Islamic philosophy,
practices and thinking framework
Our core curriculum Math, Science, English & Malay uses established local or international syllabuses as our guide, Islamic syllabus from Prof. Dr. Rosnani Hashim from the International Islamic University Malaysia, and iLuvQuran syllabus for Quran understanding and reflection.
All of this is coupled in our integrated project based and hands-on learning with gardening, science experiments, entrepreneurship, baking, sewing and many more. Our lessons are also integrated with Hikmah Pedagogy Islamic thinking & philosophy.

A day at Khadijah Learning Centre

Nurturing our children to grow and thrive

Our Story

It was 2018, two years before the international pandemic hit and changed the world. Umi Irah, our founder, was doing her Masters of Education at the International Islamic University Malaysia.

She had already opened an international award winning Quran institution,, and was studying to improve the experience for her students there. Reading education journals made her see the need and gaps in our education system.

What she found led her to open Khadijah Learning Centre (KLC) in 2019.

The name Khadijah is inspired by the Prophet’s first wife, Khadijah Bint Khuwailid, a role model since she was a young girl.

In 2022, seeing the need for boys to learn in a more activity based environment, Umi Irah started the boys wing for the school, called Khalid Learning Centre. KLC provides a safe and nurturing place for girls and boys to learn science, math, languages, Islamic and Quranic values in a homely based environment.


We welcome you to join us on this trip of making learning a life-long journey for your children!

Our Values

Values that guide our learning

KLC School Values

To become great learners and leaders, we must embody the beautiful name of Allah – Ar-Rahmaan, the Most Loving, and persist in our goals. All the while being respectful to our teachers, our friends, the environment, and what more of the knowledge we seek to learn and spread.

Khadijah Values

Building Strong Women. One Girl A Time.

Khadijah values were derived from our beautiful and great Mother of the Believers, Khadijah Bint Khuwailid, who was given salaam and glad tidings from Allah SWT.

She was intelligent, she was a torchbearer and changemaker in her society, and above all, she was always nurturing her family and her community. These are the qualities we want our girls to embody.

Khalid Values

Building Strong Leaders. One Boy At A Time.

Khalid values are taken from the brave and excellent leader, Khalid Ibu Al-Walid who lead with fortitude and strength.

Our next generation of leaders should embody this bravery in doing good, in speaking the truth, while being thoughtful and taking good care of the people around them.

Choose the best path for your child:

Full School Programmes

Khadijah Playschool

A fun, hands-on approach to learning for 4-6 years old built on the Montessori approach, combined with fun learning and Islamic adab.

Khadijah Learning Centre

Our all-girls school with science, math, languages, Islamic values and 21st Century skills integrated into their hands-on and project based learning.

Khalid Learning Centre

Boys need more activities, space and handson learning and at Khalid Learning Centre, we integrate at least 2 hours of outdoor learning and play for our boys.

After School/ Weekend Programmes

KLC Transit

Our transit combines after school care in Titiwangsa with Islamic studies, Quran and homework coaching

Adventure school

Various fun online, weekend and school holiday hands-on trips and workshops for your children.

The best gift from a parent to her child is education and upbringing

- Hadith at-Tirmidhi
Whosoever follows a path to seek knowledge, God will make easy a path for him to Paradise.

- Sahih Muslim
Education is not only the right, but the duty of every Muslim, male or female.

- Sahih Muslim
When a person dies, nothing lives on after him, except three things: a continuing charity, knowledge he imparted that can benefit others, or a pious child who prays for him.

- Sahih Muslim
Knowledge cannot be acquired without thinking

- Umi Irah
Read, in the Name of Your Lord

- Surah Al-Alaq, The Holy Quran
Whosoever follows a path to seek knowledge therein, God will make easy for him a path to paradise. Education is not only the right, but the duty of every Muslim, male or female. The best gift from a father to his child is education and upbringing. Knowledge cannot be acquired with sloth.

Programmes for Moms &
Women Leaders

Women Entrepreneur Empowerment

KLC’s yearly gathering of women entrepreneurs to motivate and share success and growth stories of fellow entrepreneurs.

Women Spiritual Retreats & Trips

Spiritual recharging in nature with other beautiful women while we learn and reflect together while supporting each other.


One to one coaching with Umi Irah, Chaplain Sakinah, Dr Hartini or our list of women coaches to help you gain clarity and growth.


Our Team & Advisors


Umi Irah

Masters Education IIUM, MBA University College Dublin, Bachelor of Communication RPI, New York. Marshall Goldsmith Leadership Coach. Also Co-founder of iLuvQuran.


Teacher Salwani

Masters in Educational Psychology, Bachelor of Business and Administration, majoring Finance, IIUM

Khadijah Principal

Teacher Aishah

Bachelor of Arts (Honours), University Sains Malaysia (USM) & Masters of Arts (English Literature), University Malaya (UM), 15 yrs experience in teaching & managing schools.


Teacher Noor Ashikeen Ab. Hamid

Masters Education, Montessori Diploma, TESL. Retired secondary teacher & principal.


Prof. Dr. Rosnani Hashim

Retired Professor of Education at International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM). Founded the Centre for Philosophical Inquiry in Education in 2006. Writer & Curriculum Maker.


Dr. Hartini Abdul Halim

PhD in Psychology, Michigan University. Licensed Psychologist (Formerly in US & Malaysia)

Advisor, the late

Dr. Rosemaliza M. Kamalludeen

PhD Education, Lecturer at IIUM. Advisor to KLC from 2019-2021. We lost her in October 2021. May Allah bless and accept from her.


Suri Daman

Director HEGIRA Group, Serial Entrepreneur, founder of PearlHaya, Saraya Zahret. Bachelor of Biology & Economics, Tufts University.


Chaplain Sakinah

Dean of Students, Respect Graduate School US, Chaplain Fellow at Stanford Health, Counsellor & Coach.


Salwa Mohd Saleh

Masters Education (Special Needs) University College London, Masters in Entrepreneurship University Kebangsaan Malaysia, Entrepreneur and MDEC eUsahawan trainer.

Our Teachers

Head of Student Affairs

Teacher Syaz

Bachelor of Islamic Revealed Knowledge and Heritage (Usul Al-Din and Comparative Religion) IIUM, Malaysian Reserve Officer Training Unit.

Head of Academics

Teacher Zetty

Diploma in Creative Writing and Bachelor (Hons) of Creative Writing ASWARA, Master of Malay Literature Studies (UM), On Going Doing PhD (ASWARA)

Lead Teacher for Khalid Boys school

Teacher Faizal

Bachelor of Environmental Planning & Design, UTAS

Science Teacher

Teacher Siti

Bachelor of Science with Honours (Biology), The National University of Malaysia (UKM). On going Post Graduate Diploma in Education, The National University of Malaysia (UKM)

Maths Teacher

Teacher Tasha

Bachelor of Engineering (Hons.) Civil, Universiti Teknologi MARA

English Teacher

Teacher Huda

Bachelor of Biomedical Sciences (Newcastle University, United Kingdom)

Malay Language Teacher

Teacher Ainul

Bachelor of Arts with Honours (Malay Language Studies), The National University of Malaysia. On going Post Graduate Diploma in Education, The National University of Malaysia (UKM)

Quran Teacher

Teacher Syidah

Bachelor of Electronic Engineering with Hons, Universiti Tun Hussein Onn Malaysia (UTHM)

Playhouse Teacher

Teacher Husna

Diploma in Accounting, MARA Profesional College.

Islamic Studies

Teacher Aqma

Usuluddin Tafsir and Ulum Quran, Al-Azhar University, Cairo, Egypt.

Our Support Team

Human Resource

Teacher Mira

Bachelor of Defense Human Resource Management (National Defence University of Malaysia), Malaysian Reserve Officer Training Unit.


Teacher Amal

Bachelor of Economics, Major in Finance (IIUM)


Teacher Yaqiin

Bachelor of Islamic Revealed Knowledge and Heritage (Qur'an and Sunnah Studies)(Honours), International Islamic University Malaysia, Malaysian Reserve Officer Training Unit.


Teacher Nik

Bachelor of Arts & Culture Management with Honours & Diploma in Theatre (Acting), Akademi Seni Budaya dan Warisan Kebangsaan (ASWARA)

Parent Board


En Yusma

Our finance board overseas, advices and helps KLC grow and ensures the financial sustainability of the school.


Mejar Faizah

The curriculum board discusses the important learning aspects for our children to ensure they are ready to grow in this world and the next.


Moms of our Girls!

We have a team of superstar moms who help our girls with cooking, Arabic, trips and many other activities at school.

Support our asnaf girls by becoming a sister-patron!

We are a community school with 20% of our students from asnaf and single mothers, 20% whose parents barter their skills in exchange for fees and 10% of our students are special-abled. This means extra costs for the school to support the high quality education that we aspire for them.

    Your monthly regular donations will:
  • Help us continue to provide world-class education for our girls
  • Enable us to continue research & development in building community schools in Malaysia and other developing nations
  • Provide employment and coaching opportunities for single mothers and B40 women


What is the KLC programme syllabus?

KLCS’s core academic subjects are Math, Science, English and Malay, where we are currently using the KSSR syallabus from Malaysia’s Ministry of Education. We also have Islamic education and Hikmah Pedagogy from Prof Dr. Rosnani Hashim’s Islamic learning syllabus, Adab from Khalifah Model School syllabus as well as KLC’s internal syallabus for integrated learning, project based learning, entrepreneurship, investigation table, culture, sewing, cooking, arts and crafts.

What are the extracurricular syllabus?

We have various extra-curricular activities that are embedded in our school hours that include entrepreneurship, robotics (coming soon), investigation table, unformed body (Pengakap Malaysia), sewing, cooking, as well as sports like badminton, archery and horseback riding. Our extra co-curricular activities consist of taekwondo, karate, and swimming. Each class will start once we reach the minimum number of 15 pax.

Can my daughter join a trial class?

Yes, we do have a trial class which you can choose the duration for a maximum of two weeks. The trial class is RM60 per day including 3 meals (breakfast, lunch, teatime) and associated learning materials. This fee excludes school trips which will be charged according to the distance and entrance fee, if any. Please contact us at our email or phone number below to schedule a trial.

Khadijah Learning Centre

Khalid Learning Centre

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School Hours

Monday to Friday
8:00 am to 4:30 pm


Khadijah Learning Centre